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PLEASE NOTE THE EVENTS BELOW HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO DOUBLE BOOKING OF THE HALL. but you can still donate at the website below! 🙂 xxx


You may have noticed that most weekly classes I wear one of my Just Because t-shirts. This is because Just Because is a charity that is very close to my heart and I fundraise for them at every opportunity.

This extract about them is from their website –

‘ Just Because… is a registered charity aiming to raise funds to promote awareness, early detection, treatment and after-care of breast cancer for women in Egypt.
The story behind Just Because started when the original Trustees got together to raise funds to pay for breast cancer treatment for dance friend and mentor, Sara Farouk, who lives in Cairo. Bellydancers all over the UK rose to the challenge, many of whom know Sara, and raised far more than the initial cost of her treatment. A decision was made to donate the excess funds to a breast cancer charity in Egypt as there was little provision for breast cancer screening for women there. All screening and treatment is private and breast cancer treatment is expensive. Having so many bellydancers involved we felt that we should continue raising funds and actually make a difference to the lives of all women in Egypt, the home of bellydance.’ 

Sara Farouk was the teacher with whom I undertook my first belly dance teacher training (TEDC).

Belly dancing up Snowdon 2015

In June 2015  I belly danced up to and on the summit of Snowdon with the support of other local belly dancers (the crawling back down was not so elegant).

This year I won’t be walking quite so far! Instead I am running two Taster days. These taster days are a chance for you to have a go at AWBD, Inner Dance, Belly Dance and Hula! They are shorter than normal sessions at reduced prices, so you get to have a taster and help raise money for charity!

The two days are Saturday 19th May and Saturday 16th June .

All activities running at Garden Village Hall, Wrexham

10:00 – 12:00 – Awakened Belly Dance
12:30 – 1:30 – The Inner Dance meditation
2 – 2:45 – Hot Hula
3 – 3:45 – Belly Dance

1) AWBD – £5
2) Inner Dance – £5
3) Hot Hula (Hawaiian) – £2 or free if attending 1) or 2)
4) Belly Dance – £2 or free if attending 1) or 2)

or £10 full day pass (please bring lunch)

Spaces will need to be booked.

For more info. about Just Because http://www.justbecausecharity.co.uk/donateuk/


I hope to see you there!


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