Inner Dance Meditation

We had an amazing Inner Dance Meditation session on Thursday 22nd November <3 Many were new to the inner dance experience and some were returning, but 15 of us explored and surrendered into the possibility these sessions can offer; a shedding of skin that no longer serves, an opening, a release to possibility and YOUR potential <3 Next year these sessions are becoming a regular monthly occurrence! Pre-booking is still needed though so get it touch for the early bird price. More information about the Inner Dance Meditation here

2019 Dates:

7pm – 9pm

Thursday 17th January

Thursday 7th February 


At Parkfields Community Centre, Ash Grove, Mold, Flintshire

Early bird offer £10 if booked before Thursday 10th January

£15 thereafter and on the night.


Innerdance is about flow, tuning in to deeper psychic, emotional and spiritual energies that exist within each of us and allowing these inner forces to move outward; it needs childlike trust, a suspension of the constant stream of mental chitchat that occupies our heads. When it happens, there is such a sense of release, of healing and coming home to one’s deepest music—personal and unique. All the layers of conventions , coping mechanisms and survival efforts simply fall away .One can touch the Core, our Original Source.”
– Agnes


“I feel that innerdance plants seeds in my consciousness. I seem to comprehend certain truths deep in my psyche during it. I’ve had some incredible moments where I realize I was stroking my own face, a gesture of tender love, and I started sobbing like a child because I did not know how to love myself. As I am writing this now, recalling the moment, tears are welling up in my eyes. I wasn’t destructive to my body or anything, but the my self-doubt is so deep. It’s hard to explain because it was like my inner spirit was telling me, it’s okay, I love you – yet it was my physical body affirming this, on its own accord. that there is no separation, and that i am a divine being.”
– Ruby


“innerdance was an expression of an ancient divinity that sits in the ebbs of my soul, waiting to be retrieved through the many lifetimes of forgetting. It was a chance to be finally who I am – crazy. And if I’m not crazy, that’s not normal. I close my eyes and I remember. The fragments come into wholeness. In that crazy bliss-like chaos, I remember and then the brick wall called ego just breaks.”
– Sasha


“I was dancing with the wind. I was singing with the wind. I knew something beautiful was happening. I was expurgating locked emotions. I was connecting to the deepest side of me. I was conversing to the part of me I have hidden for the longest time. I was reconnecting to my whole being. I knew a different kind of healing has begun.”
– Daisy

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