About Rachel


Dancing in the Moroccan Sahara


Rachel began her belly dance journey in 2004 with a belly dance workshop at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. She was captivated by the intricate and delicate but powerful and expressive dances moves and beautiful music. What struck her the most was the teacher’s confidence and adoration for her own body, as well as the sensuality of belly dance that celebrated the female form. All this felt contrary to the female body shaming prevalent in society and Rachel knew at this moment that she HAD to belly dance!

Rachel has been teaching Belly Dance in North East Wales since 2006.

As a teacher Rachel has seen her students grow in body confidence and body love through belly dancing. For her, as well as an art form and fitness style it is a dance of healing.

Through teaching belly dance Rachel hopes to share her love of this art form while introducing women to the physical and emotional benefits of the dance. As a low-impact but high aerobic dance form belly dance is beneficial for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It can increase your body confidence, help maintain a healthy lifestyle, while learning a new dance form and having fun. Rachel’s classes and workshops can also offer you the opportunity to be creative and become part of a supportive female community. Rachel has experience of adapting her classes and teaching style to cater for a diverse range of students and to ensure that all women and men who attend her classes and workshops can learn and grow at their own pace and in consideration of their own qualities and abilities.



In April 2011 Rachel attended and completed the TEDC (Teaching Egyptian Dance Course) with Cairo based teacher Sara Farouk.

In 2013 Rachel began her studies for her JWAAD (Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance) Teaching Diploma (OCN accredited) and her PDP (Personal Development Programme with JWAAD). In the summer of 2013 she completed Part One of the teaching diploma: Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes. In the winter of 2016 she completed Part Two of the teaching diploma: Understanding Music used in Belly Dance. For more info. on the Academy and training courses please go to www.jwaadtraining.uk 

From January to February 2015 Rachel also travelled to India with Katie Holland, beginning her journey with Katie to become an Inner Dance facilitator; using movement, music and sound to facilitate healing and transformation.  In February 2015 she trained and qualified as an Inner Dance facilitator.

From April to May 2017 Rachel continued her studies in Bulgaria with Katie Holland training and qualifying to teach Awakened Belly Dance™. For info. about Katie Holland please go to https://www.awakenedbellydance.com/

Spring 2017 saw Rachel’s creation of her own dance and healing format. She created the Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S Workshops combining Awakened Belly Dance, Inner Dance Meditation, storytelling, deep enquiry and creative crafts to provide day workshops that facilitate a journey for you into exploring your sacred feminine, empowerment and self-love. There are four workshops held every year, one in each season.


Rachel is fully insured with MADN (Mosaic Arabic Dance Network) to teach all ages and is available to teach workshops and tasters sessions or perform for charity or other events. Please contact her for more information.


Rachel dancing in Goa, India

Rachel performing with Fan veils at a Hafla in Shrewsbury

Rachel performing a Heavy Metal Fusion belly dance piece in Ludlow

With Cane

A Medieval Maiden inspired performance