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Awakened Belly Dance

A candlelit dance meditation

Awakened Bellydance is multi-faceted, transformative, self-awakening process which travels far beyond the realms of the usual Bellydancer. It is perfect for all women who have an interest in movement for healing. An intuitive remembrance and reclaiming of your sovereign dancer transports you into intuitive flow and surrender through a heightened awareness of the body, mind and emotions as energy when you move with intention.

Creating a respectful, supportive sisterhood is paramount whilst gently and organically leading you on an authentic path to self-discovery. Using traditional Middle Eastern dance techniques, Sacred dances from around the world, breath and energy work, meditation, sound healing and conscious communication. We naturally raise our vibration as we dance into our divine self.


Next 9 week ONLINE course starting on Autumn 2020 – £99

For this cost: All 9 online sessions available live and replay – 18 hours of Awakened Belly Dance and access to a private online group for community, guidance and support throughout the course and following.

Booking opens August 2020


Once a month sessions run in Flintshire and Denbighshire

7 – 9:30pm

Super early bird (pay 14 days or more before session)    £10

Early bird Price (Pay 7-14 days before session)       £15

Pay 7- 0 days before session     £20


Denbighshire dates @ Waen Rhuallt Parish Hall, Rhuallt: 

Friday 31st January

Friday 28th February

Friday 27th March

Friday 1st May

Friday 29th May

Friday 19th June

Friday 17th July

Flintshire Dates @ InsideOut Wellness Centre, Mold

Friday 14th February

Friday 6th March

Friday 3rd April

Friday 15th May

Friday 3rd July


The Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S Workshops

Join us on a magical journey combining dance, meditation, scared craft and ritual, storytelling. Rachel will facilitate a healing journey that will awaken all your senses, provide you with tools of empowerment, give you time and space for restoration & sisterhood, reflection and self-exploration. All this topped of with fun and laughter through dancing & conscious communication.

Created by Rachel in 2017 these workshops have been life-transforming for the ladies attending. What is it that you will choose for yourself? What can you do that is most loving for you? What are your gifts and how can you serve yourself and world? How bright are you willing to shine? Will you come and find out?


So what are the B.A.S.I.C.S?

B – Beginnings – Creating ‘you’ space and time. Trusting in and opening to new beginnings
A – Awakened belly dance – using Middle Eastern dance moves and scared dances from the Middle East and Africa combined with breath and energy work
S – Storytelling – stories of goddesses, women, myths, legends, symbolism and magic
I – The Inner Dance – Meditation through music – relax, let go and surrender to all that is and could be
C – Creative crafts – get creative and make your own object to take home.
S – Sisterhood – spent the day in the safe and supportive circle of other women..


Upcoming full day immersions:


Let yourself be Love’ workshop – Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S Heart – Nurture the Heart

  • Sunday 23rd February 2020

Awakening Your Sacred Feminine – Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S – Embody and Flow 

  • Sunday 3rd May 2020

Empowering your Feminine – Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S – Light your fire

  • Sunday 21st June 2020

Grow Rooted – Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S – Nurturing your roots

  • Saturday 18th November 2020

These days are located in MOLD, Flintshire

£50 per day

£45 early bird (book and pay 2 weeks before workshop)
£40 super early bird (book and pay 3 weeks before workshop)
£35 concessions (over 65. full time students + under 18’s, unemployed)

The course must be booked in advance as spaces are limited to keep the group size small.


The Inner Dance Meditation

‘Inner Dance’ is a shamanic form of meditation intended to allow participants to Trust, Surrender and Flow. Depending on the participants ability to let go, they enter a deep meditative trance enabling a profound sense of expanded awareness from which:

  • deep healing (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) can occur
  • People’s own energies being to flow, which sometimes can manifest as unconscious movement (hence the term inner dance)

When you are “being” the Inner Dance, you are living in flow and living a life of manifestation and synchronicity. In Inner Dance there are no rules, no boundaries, no levels, no matters, no students, no ego’s, no attachments . . . we are all just being. The Inner Dance experience creates a state of consciousness to yourself and the universe. It allows you to be and live your authentic self, without judgement and connect deeply with others. For many people Inner Dance is a life changing experience.

Next workshop:

Friday 20th March 2020

Friday 12th June 2020

at InsideOut Wellness Centre, Mold

7:00pm -9pm





Awakened Belly Dance Course review

‘I attended Rachel’s chakra belly dance course and found it one of the most profound and healing courses i have ever had the pleasure of taking. Everyone there shared their experience and we became a supportive sisterhood – i felt i could say what i needed to say without judgement or fear, knowing i had the encouragement of the other women in the group, we laughed, cried and shared our lifes journey, helping us move forward each week. i threw myself into the experience and gave it my all to heal and open each chakra, feeling the energy of each chakra, actually physically and move the things that need to be healed, “letting it go” and making each wheel spin and become brighter. the freedom and creativity you experience is beautiful. Rachel is such an amazing facilitator who knows when to say and do what is needed at the right time, knowing its all about YOUR journey, YOUR healing and YOUR experience. By the end of the course i was both exhausted and revitalised – a true rebirth, like i had “refound” a part of me that was lost. my new found courage, confidence and creativity has come through in every aspect of my life, everyone has noticed and complemented on how happier, bright and secure i am, i recommend this for everyone’- Ruth May

Goddess B.A.S.I.C.S Workshop Review 

‘Rachel, thank you for such a wonderful day. It was both emotional and exhilarating and I have taken many good things away with me, not least the joy of connecting with women and the strength and support they can offer each other. One again I thank you and I salute you’ – C. Mooney

Awakened Belly Dance Course Review

Thank you so much Rachel and all who danced with me. I really enjoyed the course which helped me through a massive change – giving up a job I’ve done more or less all my life to work doing something similar but less hours, less paperwork & hopefully less stress – yeah! – A Tyrell

Awakened Belly Dance Course Review

Hi Rachel, I wanted to thank you for leading a wonderful Awakened Belly Dance course, I really enjoyed the journey and gained some valuable insights from attending particularly around protecting boundaries which is very helpful for me at present…I loved the opportunity to focus fully on the movement of my body with wonderful women in the safe and nurturing environment you created.  I think I shall be coming along again to repeat at some point in the future! – A Pearce